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Our experience and dedication towards our service makes us the market pioneers.


Our student centered business model makes us the go to service providers for students.


We have the best success rate in the market and it is mainly because of the integrity of our service.


With our elite panel of counsellors and with extremely high standard measures we achieve the optimum standards in our service.

Study abroad
Study Abroad

Studying Abroad Can Change the Way You See the World

Study Abroad Programs give you the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom. Rather than picking things up from books and the Internet, navigating a new landscape may open your eyes to culture, history, a new language or your heritage. Studying Abroad opens the door to personal growth and discovery too. As you learn to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language, make friends, eat exciting new foods, it is bound to boost your confidence, teach you self-reliance and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.

Who Are WE!

Scholar Hub is an online education provider and a student placement company working with UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

We have dedicated ourselves in providing exceptional services and advice to students who are interested in pursuing higher education in their country of choice. In order for the students to pursue their passion of studying abroad, we also provide IELTS and various other services to students which will help students in many ways in their academic progression. Our elite panel of highly qualified lecturers will provide students with guidance and moreover the motivation to achieve the life goals with effective teaching techniques.


Our Best Services


We help the students to shortlist and decide a country and university based on their past profile, demands and career goals.


We aid students in creating error-free applications, because any shortcoming in application process can delay the entire process, resulting in possible rejection of application.


We guide students with regard to applying for various scholarships and financial aids. We also provide them with various program options to reduce the financial burden of students.


We provide the students with proper counseling and help to decide the suitable career options for them based on their past academic records, work experience and future aspirations.


We offer expert visa guidance in order to have a hassle-free visa application process. We have a high visa success rate as well.


we also conduct pre-departure sessions with our clients to facilitate their transition to overseas countries be smooth and stress free.


Customers Reviews

I had a desire to complete my higher studies in Canada. I chose this place, Mrs. Milhan is very responsible and gave very useful guidance. I highly recommend this place to everyone who hope to complete their studies in overseas.


Highly recommended this place for students who wish to study overseas. Mr. Aslim was very helpful throughout the process from selecting a university up until I got my Visa.

Zanhar zoran
Zanhar zoran
United Kingdom

I would recommend ScholarHUB to anyone who has a dream to study overseas, and who has a dream to pursue their career abroad. Their service is great, and works in a way which you will always be guaranteed your visa!
I would like to thank the staff of ScholarHUB especially Mr. Aslim and Mrs. Milhan for working so efficiently to prepare my documentation for Visa.

Anne Umesha
Wichita State University, USA

I would like to thank ScholarHUB for helping me to fulfill my dream to study in UK. ScholarHUB staff did an excellent job. They guided me throughout the process. They explained everything thing clearly and made it all easy for me. If you are planning to study abroad, I highly recommend ScholarHUB. They are friendly and they will handle everything professionally. I am very satisfied with the service

Clifford fernando
Clifford Fernando
United Kingdom

i had a desire to complete my higher studies in UK. I chose this place, Mr .Aslim is very responsible and gave very useful guidance. I highly recommend this place to everyone who hope to complete their studies in overseas.

Nihmathulla Nazeer
Nihmathulla Nazeer
United Kingdom

You have any difficulties, you can come to ScholarHUB office and meet the counsellors. They will give you very helpful advice. I was looking for a certain amount of trust & faith in my counsellor who will help me aspire or achieve my aspirations in my education career, and I found that trust and faith in ScholarHUB.

Nashad Hameed
Nashad Hameed
Wichita State University, US

ScholarHUB is an excellent place to get advice and obtain help for overseas education. They have a very friendly and a helpful staff. Provided me a great service to obtain the visa!! Specially thank to Milhan Rauff. I would definitely recommend ScholarHUB.

Reno charlin
Reno charlin
United Kingdom

ScholarHUB has over 500+ University partners

Step to Reach Your Desired University

Find out which university provide your desired course.

Choose the best possible university for yourself.

Prepare your personal profile.

Apply to your dream university.

Receive your acceptance letter from the University.

All set. Study abroad and start chasing your dream.

Why us?

  • We are the pioneers in providing study abroad and student consultancy services.
  • Many of our dynamic and well-informed counselors have studied overseas themselves and have many years of experience in providing guidance to students.
  • We provide in house IELTS classes in a very efficient and easy to understand method, which makes us a leading providers for IELTS
  • We provide HND and HNC which is accredited by TQUK, one of the best and most reliable awarding organization in UK. The certification provided by us with the approval of TQUK will be accepted by all the leading universities and we are the one and only providers or such service in Sri Lanka.
  • We also provide RPL assessment assistance. This gives the applicants with work experience or informal education to pursue their desired course with credit values.
  • We have an elite panel of lecturers to assist the students in HND and HNC programs. Our lecturers are well experienced and some have experience in lecturing state universities in Sri Lanka.
  • Our counselors regularly attend training sessions at various high commissions to stay abreast of the latest visa rules and are well versed with any changes as and when they are implemented.
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